What is an XML Sitemap? Why do you need it for Your SEO? Mar 03, 2022 |  

When it comes to improving your rankings, an XML sitemap can be a great ally. This protocol allows Google and other major search engines to perfectly understand the layout of the website while crawling it. It was first presented by Google in 2005, and MSN and Yahoo joined the protocol a year later. Sitemaps are […]

What is Robots.txt? How to optimize it for your SEO? Feb 18, 2022 |  

The robots.txt file is one of the first things you should check and improve when working on technical SEO. An issue or misconfiguration in your robots.txt file can cause serious SEO issues, affecting your rankings and traffic.   Search engine optimization (SEO) involves big and small website modifications. The robots.txt file may appear to be […]

What is Schema Markup? How Does It Help with SEO? Feb 17, 2022 |  

When integrating technical SEO on your site, one of the skillsets you’ll need is schema markup (also known as schema or structured data). It enables search engines such as Google to crawl and, more importantly, interpret the information on your site in order to provide the best results to users. In addition, schema markup is […]

What is Local SEO? The Complete Guide to Improve your Local Search in 2022 Feb 09, 2022 |  

Local SEO involves optimizing your company’s website so that it shows up higher in map listings on major search engines such as Google. As a result, when your local target audience searches for relevant terms, they are more likely to find your website. This involves including your company’s address and city name in the proper […]

Hello Marketers 😎  Mar 26, 2021 |  

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