FAQ Page SEO: Best Practices to Create a Well-Optimized FAQ Page May 26, 2022 |  

Enhancing your FAQ page for SEO, benefits your site in various ways, the most important of which is improved user experience and rankings. Whether your official site seems to have a FAQ page or you want to add one, these tips will help you improve it for SEO while keeping the user’s needs in mind. […]

How Search Engines Work: What is Google Crawling and Indexing? Apr 14, 2022 |  

Answer engines have evolved from search engines. And very advanced ones. Their job is to find, analyze, and arrange online content in order to show browsers meaningful results to them and fulfill their requirements. To ensure that your content is accessible to as many readers as possible, you should first focus on making it visible. […]

The Complete Guide to B2B SEO Apr 09, 2022 |  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a practice and industry around for quite some time. People typically consider SEO strategies to position high in popular keyword searches. However, for business-to-business (B2B) firms, the strategy changes from a broad to a very particular audience. In this guide, we’ll go about how you can improve your own […]

What is Keyword Cannibalization? How to Identify & Fix it? Apr 09, 2022 |  

One of the most underestimated SEO approaches is keyword cannibalization. In fact, certain SEOs suggest that it does not exist, which adds to the misunderstanding and creates even more myths. However, keyword cannibalization is a problem for several websites, and it can seriously harm your rankings. It’s just that it’s probably not what you think […]

The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist for 2022! Mar 31, 2022 |  

Technical SEO is an essential component of any SEO strategy, which is why the site must adhere to all search engine suggestions. The technical SEO checklist includes a number of elements for analyzing and ranking the system parameters of the website’s design and implementation. This is the most detailed technical SEO checklist you’ll ever need […]

How To Optimize For Google Featured Snippets? Mar 23, 2022 |  

Have you noticed how difficult it is to generate referral traffic from search engines like Google? And it isn’t just that the competition has gotten tougher (though it has!). It’s also because Google has outgrown its ten blue links, and its organic search results aren’t deriving as much traffic as they once did. How do […]

Google Announces the Sunsetting of Universal Analytics? Here Is What You Need to Know! Mar 22, 2022 |  

Google is changing.  Google announced to discontinue their universal analytics, which was the former standard used for google analytics reporting.  Google will be permanently moving to its next-gen measurement tool GA4 (Google Analytics 4) by 1 July 2023, and by next, GA4 will be the new measuring standard.  Nearly around 68604 companies reportedly use Google […]

Outdated Content – How to Identity and Remove It? Mar 10, 2022 |  

Outdated content can reduce your website’s general authority in search results. In fact, removing or revitalizing outdated content can enhance your online visibility and Google rankings. By ensuring that content is as exact as possible, removing outdated content can enhance the user experience and strengthen your brand’s reputation.    Luckily, Google Search Console has an […]

What is an XML Sitemap? Why do you need it for Your SEO? Mar 03, 2022 |  

When it comes to improving your rankings, an XML sitemap can be a great ally. This protocol allows Google and other major search engines to perfectly understand the layout of the website while crawling it. It was first presented by Google in 2005, and MSN and Yahoo joined the protocol a year later. Sitemaps are […]

What is Robots.txt? How to optimize it for your SEO? Feb 18, 2022 |  

The robots.txt file is one of the first things you should check and improve when working on technical SEO. An issue or misconfiguration in your robots.txt file can cause serious SEO issues, affecting your rankings and traffic.   Search engine optimization (SEO) involves big and small website modifications. The robots.txt file may appear to be […]