Unable to track and keep your webpage content updated?

No worries! SuiteJar will guide you!

Features you’d love

Last updated date

Know the last updated date and time of each webpage in a single click and view.

Email Reminders

Never forget to keep your webpage content updated. Get reminders on insights and warnings weekly or based on your preference.

Word count

Know which all webpages don’t have adequate word count to rank higher in search engines.


How it works


Create a free account with your website URL.


Gather the insights and warnings on your webpage content in a single view.


Update your content based on the insights, and make your webpages better.

Without SuiteJar

It's all messy

With SuiteJar

  • Not sure which all pages need to be updated
  • Not sure which all webpage has less content volume
  • Forget to keep webpages updated
  • Manual daunting task to track and update all pages one by one
  • Tracking webpages is a click away
  • Every webpages, insights and warnings in a single view
  • You get email reminders on insights and warnings
  • You improve keyword ranking fast

Why it’s important for SEO & Content Marketing

We’ve created SuiteJar keeping the objective in mind to make every SEO Analyst and Content Marketer’s job easier and more productive.


Content Marketing

To improve SERP positions

We know it’s not good to keep your webpages unupdated for a longer time. SuiteJar reminds you to update your webpages. Eventually, you’ll appear on Google’s first page after continuous updates.


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Features in pipeline:


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Improve your SERP

Improve your SERP