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Top 7 SE Ranking Alternatives & Competitors

Jan 25, 2024 |   SE Ranking Alternatives

SE Ranking is an SEO and web marketing platform that caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. With so many features like keyword rank tracking, website auditing, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, and social media management, it’s got everything you need to boost your online presence.

While SE Ranking is popular among marketers and businesses, but some people feel its ‘Keyword research tool’ is basic or not up-to-date. If that’s why you’re here, you’re in the right spot.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 7 SE Ranking alternatives and competitors in 2024. 

Best 7 SE Ranking Alternatives in 2024

Let’s check out seven alternatives to the SE Ranking SEO tool that can boost your SEO strategy.

1. SuiteJar

SuiteJar Home Page

SuiteJar is a comprehensive SEO and content marketing tool, offering all the essential features that position it as an excellent alternative to SE Ranking. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for businesses of all kinds. 

The tool offers a range of features, including a first-page ranker, easy web analytics, outdated content, and an in-depth keyword planner.

i. Keyword Planner

This feature lets you choose the apt keyword for your ad campaigns and SEO. It offers keyword insights from more than 100 countries. 

SuiteJar keyword planner feature

You can get insights like keyword volume, SEO difficulty, CPC, and paid difficulty. Also, you will get the keyword trend history, whether the trend is growing or not.

ii. First-page Ranker

The first-page ranker feature is helpful for you to rank on the first page of Google. It will analyze your website and list all the existing content pieces that have the potential to rank. You can update the content with the data and rank them on Google’s first page.

SuiteJar Google First Page Ranker

iii. Outdated Pages

This feature helps you identify your website’s old content pieces. You can easily update the old content or remove them as per your requirements.

SuiteJar Outdated Pages feature

 You can check out this blog if you need to know how to update old content.

iv. Easy web analytics

SuiteJar Easy web analytics feature

Easy web analytics helps you collect and visualize all critical data from GA4 in a single place. It allows you to interpret data and understand the changes in the KPIs easily.

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2. Serpstat

Serpstats Home Page

Serpstat offers extensive features to help you optimize your website and improve search engine rankings. With its competitor research, keyword research, and backlink analysis tools, it is a perfect SEO tool for businesses looking to boost their online presence.

i. Backlink Analysis

The feature provides in-depth insights into the link profile of any domain, offering metrics to assess link quality and quantity.

ii. Keyword Research

It offers a comprehensive suite to identify relevant keywords, understand search intent, and analyze competitor strategies. 

iii. SEO Audit

They scan websites, identify technical issues, and provide actionable on-site optimization recommendations. 

3. Ahrefs

 Ahrefs Home Page

Ahrefs’ SEO tool provides excellent features for keyword research, backlink analysis, and site audits. With its in-depth competitor analysis feature, it can be an excellent alternative to SE Ranking.

i. Site Explorer

You will get insights about any website’s backlink profile, organic search traffic, and relevant content. Analyze your competitors and track their site’s performance and insights to refine their SEO strategies.

ii. Keyword Explorer

 You can discover the types of keywords, search volumes, and click-through rates and evaluate the ranking difficulty. 

iii. Website Audit

 The feature allows you to identify and rectify technical SEO issues. It provides a complete analysis of on-page SEO, crawl ability, and other critical factors. 

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4. SpyFu

SpyFu home page

SpyFu offers features for competitor analysis, keyword research, and PPC research. With its extensive database, the tool helps businesses seek valuable insights into their competitors’ strategies. This SEO tool is designed for SEO and PPC enthusiasts and offers a wide variety of data that can be used to refine and elevate your digital marketing strategy.

i. Competitor Analysis

The feature allows you to analyze your competitors’ organic and paid search strategies, including their top-performing keywords and ad copy. 

ii. Keyword Research

 Access to a vast keyword database allows you to discover new keyword ideas, search volumes, and cost-per-click data. 

iii. PPC Research

SpyFu lets you get insights into your competitors’ PPC campaigns, including their ad history, variations, and estimated monthly budgets. 

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro Home Page

Moz Pro is an SEO software offering keyword research features, backlink analysis, site audits, and rank tracking features. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance every aspect of your website’s performance.

i. Keyword Explorer

With its extensive keyword database and advanced metrics such as organic CTR and priority score, you can find valuable keyword opportunities. 

ii. Backlink Analysis

The feature allows you to analyze your backlink profile and identify potential spammy links that can harm your website’s rankings. You can also monitor new backlinks and track their impact on your SEO efforts. 

iii. Site Crawl

Moz Pro provides a site audit tool that crawls your website regularly to identify technical issues, duplicate content, and other factors affecting your SEO performance. 

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6. SEMrush

SEMrush home page

SEMrush SEO audit tool is designed to help marketers and website owners improve online visibility. It excels in keyword research, showing what people are searching for, and provides insights into competitors’ actions. 

With features like competitor analysis and site audit, the tool makes it easier to stay ahead in the online game by optimizing your website for better search engine rankings.

i. Keyword Research

Help users discover valuable keywords by providing insights into search volumes, competition levels, and related terms. 

ii. Competitor Analysis

Analyze competitor strategies, including keywords, advertising methods, and backlink profiles. This information is crucial for adapting and refining one’s digital marketing approach.

iii. Website Analysis

The feature offers a detailed examination of a website’s health, highlighting technical SEO issues that may impact performance. 

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7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest Home Page

Ubersuggest is an affordable SEO tool to see how well your website is doing in search rankings. It offers helpful tools for finding the right keywords, checking out your competition, and improving your website. It has features like keyword analysis, backlink tracking, and competitive research.

i. Keyword Analysis

Its user-friendly interface allows users to identify high-performing keywords effortlessly. This feature is crucial for optimizing content and improving search engine rankings.

ii. Backlink Tracking

It allows users to monitor and enhance their website’s link profile. This feature is essential for building a solid online presence and improving SEO outcomes.

iii. Competitive Research

This valuable competitor research insight helps refine strategies, identify opportunities, and stay ahead in the online landscape.


You discovered the top alternatives to SE Ranking tools in 2024 through this blog post. These tools offer various functionalities to optimize your website’s ranking.

If you are an expert looking for a comprehensive SEO suite, we recommend considering the SuiteJar tool. With its assistance, you can develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your SEO goals.

It’s essential to remember the ever-changing nature of SEO trends as you explore these alternatives. The key to sustainable growth is adapting your strategies. Always remember that having the right tools will be instrumental in guiding you toward success.

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