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Best Off-Page SEO Tools For Link Building And Maintenance

Nov 22, 2023 |   Best Off-Page SEO Tools

We all want our website on Google’s first page!

To get there, you need a solid SEO strategy that includes technical SEO, off-page SEO, and on-page SEO. And we all know that off-page often seems the most challenging among the three. 

Regarding off-page SEO, link building and maintenance stands out as key factor. Several SEO tools are available for different budgets and features to make this easy. Here, we’ll discuss off-page SEO tools to help you rank your website.

There are a lot of off-page SEO tools you can use. You can customize the factors to make your site rank well with them. Both free and paid versions of these tools are available, but choosing the right one can speed up your strategy.

Here’s a look at the best off-page SEO tools for building and maintaining links.

Why Are Off-Page SEO Tools Essential?

Off-page SEO tools play a crucial role in SEO success. They show you how things like backlinks and your online reputation affect your website’s rankings on Google.

Using these tools, you can get an outside view of how your website is doing, showing how search engines and people see it.

You can use them to keep track of your backlinks, your social media popularity, what your competitors are doing, etc. Also, they give you tips for improving your off-page SEO.

You should use these off-page SEO tools if you want your website to rank high!

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A Quick Overview Of SEO Off-Page Tools

Tool NameBest ForPrice [*starts from]

Keyword planner, website auditor, Google first page ranker, outdated pages, broken link checker,$9 per month
MozSite audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research$99 per month
Screaming Frog
Find broken links, audit redirects, review robots & directives, schedule audits, analyze metadata$259 per year*
MajesticBacklink database, competitor link analysis, data for link tracking,$49 per month
AhrefsBacklink analysis, keyword research, rank tracking & SERP analysis, competitor analysis$99 per month
SEMRushKeyword research and position tracking, backlink analysis, competitor research$129 per month
BuzzStreamTracking and reporting, link building, project management, email integration$24 per month

Best Off-Page SEO Link-Building Tools

1. SuiteJar

SuiteJar Home Page

SuiteJar is one of the best off-page SEO tools available in the market. It helps you with backlinks, strategic link building, and SEO analysis, giving you a clear picture of your online presence. If you want to make sure your website is as effective as possible, SuiteJar is a great choice!

As well as off-page optimization assistance, it offers unique features, including a first-page ranker, easy web analytics, and website auditor.

Key Features

  • First-page ranker:

This tool analyzes your web content and identifies the pages that have the potential to rank on the first page. It further offers actionable insights about the keywords your webpage ranks for, the suggested keywords to include, the technical health of your webpage, and more.

  • Easy web analytics:

This feature makes GA4 metrics easier to understand. It allows marketers to visualize all crucial GA4 data in one place, which helps analyze and strategize based on data-driven insights.

Easy web analytics - Suitejar
  • Website Auditor:

This tool is used to analyze the performance of your website, identify errors, and find out what needs to be optimized.

Website Auditor - Suitejar
  • Keyword planner:

This feature assists you in finding the right keywords for your campaigns. Apart from the usual keyword volume and difficulty, it offers CPC and paid difficulty of the keyword, along with its current trend. 

Keyword Planner - Suitejar



With Suitejar, you can get a free and 14-day trial for paid plans. With quarterly billing, you’ll only pay $9 per month.

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2. Moz


Moz is another off-page SEO tool you can try out. You can easily do backlink analysis, keyword research, and SEO audits. Depending on factors like backlinks, Moz can even figure out a site’s domain authority (DA), a well-known metric that helps you predict how likely it is to rank well on Google.

While Moz is a popular SEO tool, it has its limits.  If you are looking for alternatives, then refer to this blog, Moz’s competitors and alternatives.

Key Features

  • Domain Analysis:

Enter any domain to discover domain authority, page authority, ranking keywords, and more directly from the domain analysis feature.

  • Keyword Explorer:

Analyze keywords by search volume using the keyword suggestions feature to get new keyword and topic opportunities.

  • Competition Research:

Moz’s competition research feature gives you insights into your industry landscape so you can stay one step ahead of your competitors.

  • Link Explorer:

Get complete link metrics for any website, including page and domain authority.



Moz offers four plans: 

  • Standard at $99/month
  • Medium at $179/month
  • Large at $299/month
  • Premium at $599/month

3. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Home Page

Screaming Frog stands out as a thorough SEO auditing tool. Off-page SEO professionals use it to examine websites, pinpoint possible issues, and discover areas for enhancement. It offers insights into redirects, broken links, metadata, response codes, and duplicate content.

Key Features

  • Find Broken links:

Crawl a website instantly to identify and export broken links and server errors. 

  • Audit Redirects:

You can get temporary and permanent redirects, loops, and chains or upload a list of URLs for auditing during a site migration.

  • Discover Duplicate Content:

You can identify URLs with the same content and exact elements, such as page titles, descriptions, headings, and low-content pages.

  • Schedule Audit:

Schedule crawls to run at chosen intervals and auto-export crawl data to any location, including Google Sheets. Or automate entirely via the command line.

  • Integrations:

Connect to the Google Analytics, Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights APIs and fetch user and performance data for all URLs in a crawl for greater insight.



Screaming Frog has a free and paid version for $259 annually.

4. Majestic

Majestic Home Page

Majestic is another off-page SEO tool focusing on link intelligence and domain metrics. Its feature lies in its thorough backlink analysis approach, setting it apart from SEO tools. Utilizing these metrics through Majestic SEO provides a deeper insight into your backlink quality and quantity.


  • Site Explorer:

The Site Explorer gives you an in-depth look at a website’s SEO health, such as its Domain Authority and backlink profile.

  • Bulk Backlinks:

It quickly checks backlink counts for the most-linked URLs in our database, including all subdomains and root domains.

  • Keyword Analysis:

Find how many times a keyword or phrase appears in our index and calculate the search volume for each.


Majestic Pricing Page

Majestic’s pricing is divided into Lite at $49/month, Pro at $99/month, and Full API at $399/month.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool praised for its off-page optimization skills. Ahrefs plays a crucial role in link building and finding similar niche websites among experts. It can provide monthly traffic analysis, making it an essential off-page SEO tool.

Key Features

  • Site Explorer:

The site explorer feature allows you to discover backlinks and keyword rankings from your competitors.

  • Keywords Explorer:

 Find keyword ideas based on pure industry trends.

  • Site Audit:

Automatically scans your website for search engine optimization problems.

  • Rank Tracker:

Keep track of your ranking progress on your desktop and mobile device.

  • Content Research Tool:

You can find content ideas and link opportunities using this tool.



Ahrefs offers a 7-day free trial, with monthly pricing starting at $99.

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6. SEMRush


SEMrush offers three pricing plans: Pro at $119.95/month, Guru at $229.95/month, and Business at $449.95/month.

There are several SEMrush alternatives that you can check out if the cost bothers you.

7. BuzzStream

BuzzStream Home page

BuzzStream, recognized as a highly effective off-page SEO tool, is renowned for its link-building and digital public relations expertise. Functioning across three key areas of off-page like SEO link building, social media, and PR. Using BuzzStream, you can find bloggers and website owners interested in linking to your business website.

Key Features

  • Campaign Management:

Organize and optimize your outreach campaigns with a campaign management feature.

  • Outreach Templates:

Create, customize, and reuse outreach templates for efficient and personalized outreach efforts to save time and maintain consistency.

  • Finding Contact Information:

Use the contact information feature to quickly find and manage relevant contact information for your outreach targets.


BuzzStream Pricing page

BuzzStream has four pricing categories: 

  • Starter at $24/month
  • Growth at $124/month
  • Professional at $299/month
  • Custom at $999/month


In conclusion, using off-page SEO tools effectively is critical to achieving top rankings in search engine results. These tools are designed to help you analyze, optimize, and track the performance of your website in comparison to your competitors.

Using affordable SEO tools and your marketing strategy can also help you expand your target audience.

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